A bit about me

Well, what can i say. I’m a 23 year old from a dull little town in Scotland, currently living in my own flat in the west end of Glasgow. When I left school in 2011, i was at Strathclyde University studying a BA in Business, but after 1 year I took voluntary suspension because i hated it! I then applied for and successfully got into Glasgow University in September 2013, and i’m now in my fourth and final year of an MA in Psychology. I still have no idea what I want to do with my life. If you could get a degree in procrastination, i’d get a 1st no bother…

I have amazing family and friends, and a lovely boyfriend of 8 years, who in less than a year will be my husband!! I love music, and it’s a massive part of my life. I go to church, at the Salvation Army in Clydebank, and play in a brass band and sing in the choir. I watch quite a lot of tv, and have unhealthy obsessions with certain shows – Grey’s Anatomy especially. I love reading, mainly because i think it’s cool to imagine what it would be like to be in someone else’s life. I love to eat, and very rarely force myself to exercise. I love travelling..so far i’ve been to 21 countries and one of my aims in life is to go to every continent, and go to every state in the US. (i’m currently 18% of the way there!!) I like collecting things, from tacky souvenirs and shot glasses from places I go (despite the fact I don’t drink!) to Hard Rock Cafe pin badges. Ooh i love photography too, and quotes

And since starting this blog, I’ve discovered I love writing. I’m quite shy and introverted, and am not great at expressing myself verbally. But I am a deep thinker and a big worrier and don’t have the biggest amount of confidence. But I’m quite good with words on paper. Therefore writing on here allows me get everything out of my head in a more succinct way, and I find it really relaxing. It lets me explore deeper things that matter to me, like faith and relationships, and has brought about some great conversations, plus I think it’s generally good for my sanity. 

Anyway, i’m just me, and that’s a few of the basics. So, enjoy the blog.

over and out, Roslyn 🙂

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