Be still

Thought I’d post what I shared for devotions tonight at Songsters (choir) 

I love listening to music, and whenever I’m in the car or in my flat doing uni work, I’ve always got music on. I listen to a very wide, very random selection of music – so much so that putting it on shuffle can be a bit risky – but a lot of the stuff I listen to, particularly recently, would be considered ‘religious’. On iTunes it comes under ‘Christian and Gospel’, but it’s really just ‘normal’ music, just like regular pop or acoustic music, only as well as having often beautiful tunes, they have words that mean something too. One of the ways I learn about, experience, and relate to God most is by listening to music like this. Sometimes songwriters, as I’m sure many of you have experienced even with the song book, have a way of expressing thoughts and feelings a lot more eloquently and accurately than you or I could, and yet it still feels personal when you hear or sing the words. There are so many song lyrics I could quote to you just now to tie in with what I’m saying, but I’m going to go with a song I came across a couple of weeks ago. I’m about a month into my final year of uni, and it’s crazy busy and stressful at the minute. Trying to get to grips with the work load and figuring out my dissertation, not to mention wondering where I’m going to end up when I finish, is enough to make my head spin. For me, the lyrics I’m about to share speak into that stress and fear of the unknown, telling us to slow down and remember that even when we have no clue what’s going on God is in control and is looking after us. 

(Sidenote that I didn’t mention when I read this out earlier tonight – I don’t know that I always do believe that God is out there, or that he’s taking control, or that he knows each of us and is looking after us. Sometimes it just seems too incredulous and far fetched. I like the idea of believing it though. Hopefully I’ll get to the stage someday where I can stop second guessing it. But who knows?!) 

The first verse and chorus says: 
“I believe that you are God alone, 

But sometimes I still try to take control

Cause I get scared when I can’t see the end

And all You want from me is to let go
You’re parting waters

Making a way for me

You’re moving mountains that I don’t even see

You’ve answered my prayer before I even speak

All You need for me to be is still”
(Second side note… the line I put in bold there, that says “you’ve answered my prayer before I even speak”….blows my mind the most. How can that be true? And if it is, then wow. (Wow, and about 300 other questions about how that would work and what that really means!) 

So that was what I shared tonight. Whether you (or even I) believe the religious sentiment behind it or not, there is definite worth to the idea of being still. Taking time to be calm, and present, amidst the chaos and stresses of whatever is going on around you. Slow down, and take it all in. The things you have, the things you see, and the people you love. Take it in. Relax. Be grateful. Don’t take it for granted.