Hello and goodbye

Well hello there! It’s been quite a while hasn’t it?

Well I’m actually only writing to give a heads up that I’m going to (try my best to!!!) take a break from social media for the time being. Or at the very least, to reduce and moderate how I use it.

In an average week, say this week for example, I spend a lot of time each day scrolling. It’s the first thing I do in the morning, and the last thing I do at night. Scrolling through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, checking Snapchat and Timehop. And when I’ve read all I can on those, I’ll sometimes head to Pinterest or WordPress. I waste time on these sites. According to the battery usage data on my phone, in the past 7 days I’ve spent (roughly, I hope) 6 and a half hours on Facebook, and 3 hours on Instagram. How ridiculous is that?! How embarrassing!!! (I’d like to think that if others had a look, they wouldn’t be too far off those numbers…..)

Now don’t get me wrong – some of that time on FB or Instagram in particular, I am catching up on what a few of my friends have shared about their days/holidays/kids/lives. But in all actuality, that probably makes up a tiny percentage of what I’m actually looking at. Weird videos, adverts, acquaintances of acquaintances or ‘celebrities’ posting stuff I’m not remotely interested in. What is the actual point?!

It’s nice to catch up on (or lets be honest, keep an eye on?!!!) what our loved ones are up to, but to be totally blunt, if I was really all that interested, wouldn’t I just text and ask how their week is going or how their holiday is or how they’re feeling? Chances are I’ll get more detail, more honesty and more genuineness than whatever has gone on Facebook anyway.

I’m not slating social media in any way – I know there can be positives (I did a dissertation on it and read a lot about it!!) but for me right now, it’s a total time waster. That, and it does nothing for my self-esteem. I see what others are up to, and get jealous. I post something and don’t get many likes, and wonder why people don’t like me. I check messenger, then get despondent that no one has contacted me. It’s not healthy really, is it?

So, from tomorrow, I’m going to try and reduce the time I spend on it. I think cutting it out completely would feel drastic, so I’m going to attempt to use only FB, Insta and Twitter, no more than once (maybe twice for fb) a day – for no more than 5 mins max. Maybe not groundbreaking, but it’s a start.

I may still use WordPress to catalogue how I’m getting on, and/or to chat about what else I’m spending my time doing! My plan is that when I get the urge to go on social media, I’ll read a book, and I’d like to catch up on some psych related podcasts and ted talks – something that will be more useful than solely scrolling through news feeds. Oh, and finally getting my ironing basket emptied (isn’t grown up life fun?).

So, over and out for now!

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