Bullet journalling 

So I was up til almost 3am last night finishing uni work and I’ve been shattered all day. And I did exercise for a change, which made me even more tired. Now I’m lying in bed and can’t get to sleep because I can’t seem to stop thinking. Not amused. So I thought I’d try and write. 

I came across something on Pinterest last week called Bullet Journalling. It basically involves taking a notebook and making it into the kind of diary/journal/planner than suits your own needs. And you can make it as simple or as pretty as you want (and seemed like a good excuse to buy more pens!!). As I said in my last post, I’ve been trying to improve. Improve my productivity, improve my exercise levels, improve myself. Be better. Be more present, more positive. And using this journal seems like a good way to track and observe that.

It involves a future log, monthly and daily logs, and ‘collections’ which can be just about anything. You can track things like sleep, water intake, household chores, TVs series you’re watching, literally anything you like. 


My favourite page so far is my gratitude and prayer log for this month. It’s something I’d already started towards the end of January, but I love seeing it all written down together like this. I find it so easy to be negative about things – life, me, anything really, so It’s nice to see a record of all the good things that have happened this month – both big and very small, random things – that I’m grateful for. And the daily ‘person to pray for’ helps me remember to think about, and pray for, someone other than myself. Something I think is often easy to forget. 

This next page is definitely my favourite collection page so far. My bookshelf. As I read a book I’ll colour it in, and hopefully by the end of the year I’ll have a full and colourful page! It’s maybe not such a productive page, but it’s fun and will hopefully encourage me to read a bit more.

I’m excited to keep adding to it with lots of random things as well as real helpful trackers to help me stay happy and healthy. Cos it’s not always easy. I just find it far too natural to complain, or moan, or be negative/scared/worried. The list goes on. It’s easier to think of negative ‘what if’s than it is positive. Easier to think I can’t do something than can. And I would love to be able to change that. I’ve recently come to the realisation though that you can’t expect things to improve – circumstances, attitude etc. – if you don’t make any effort to make them change. It’s not a difficult concept to grasp, but so often we expect everything to be bright and shiny without doing anything to make that happen. So that’s what I’m trying to do. I’m trying to take control of my situations, attitudes, thoughts and feelings, so that I can be the best version of myself. For my own sake and sanity, more than for any one else’s benefit. (All help/support/encouragement is appreciated!!!) 

This post is probably terrible and I am finally almost asleep (I hope!), but thought I’d end it with a quote page from my new bullet journal that I think fits quite well with this ramble! 


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