He will not let go

“It may take time, on this journey slow
What lies ahead, I’m not sure I know
But the hand that holds this flailing soul
He will not let go

There may be days, when I cannot breathe
There may be scars, that will stay with me
But the deepest stains, they will be washed clean
And He will not let go

When all around my soul gives way
He then is all my hope and stay
When grief has paralyzed my heart
His grip holds even tighter than the dark

I’ve heard it said, this too shall pass
The joy will come, that the hurt won’t last
So I will trust that within His grasp
I am not alone
For He will not let go”

I’ve just looked back through old blog posts to check if i’d posted these lyrics before, and I couldn’t find them so thought i’d post them now. They’re from a song called “He will not let go” by Laura Story. It’s a truly beautiful song. I was going to highlight bits of it but actually all of the lyrics are as important and moving as each other.

I watched the second part of Gareth Malone’s ‘Invictus Choir’ tv programme tonight, and was reminded of how powerful music can be. Gareth (who i have a not-so-secret love of!!!) created a choir of ex-servicemen and women, all of whom are living with very real physical and/or mental battle scars. As someone studying psychology, I found it really interesting to see the extent of the mental trauma these people were dealing with, but found it even more incredible the impact music had on so many of them. One lady had hardly left the house on her own in years through sheer fear and anxiety problems, but through the power of music and the confidence being part of the choir and singing gave her, she was able to go to America and stand and sing in front of 12,000 people.

Music means different things to different people, and even means many different things to the same person at different times. It can bring joy and happiness, it can heal, it can bring a sense of calm. The other thing i love about music and songs is the way in which song lyrics can say things and put things into words much more eloquently than could ever be spoken normally. The song the lyrics above are from is beautiful, and the lyrics get through to me in a way normal spoken words probably wouldn’t. It’s extra special because I remember coming across it some time last year, right when those words were exactly what I needed to hear. (don’t you love it when that happens?) And yet again, the lyrics are something I needed reminded of tonight.

“I am not alone, for He will not let go”

I struggle with all of the ins and outs of faith and christianity and God, but I know deep down that He is there, and that even when it feels like it, i’m not on my own. I thought i’d post and share the lyrics, just incase tonight, someone else needs to be reminded that He will not let go.


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