Be you

This is so me!! I’ve read and re-read this dozens of times now, and I really feel like it’s describing me. I’ve spent years and years really not liking being me – hating various aspects of my personality that I thought were negatives. I saw all these things – quietness, sensitivity, overthinking – as flaws, but I’ve realised recently to try and appreciate the strengths in who I am. 

I’ve always been quite sensitive – I cry really easily at tv programmes, I feel things deeply, I can get easily offended and unnecessarily take things to heart. I even cried leaving Florida because I was so gutted about leaving such good friends – people who make me laugh and smile and make me comfortable being me – even though I knew I’d see them a few weeks later. But like the quote in the picture says, if you took away the fact I’m sensitive, you’d take away who I am. I might take things to heart, but I also care deeply about people – if you mean something to me, I won’t treat the relationship half heartedly but will put all of me into it. I’m empathetic, intuitive, and my quietness helps me really notice and hear what’s going on and see how people are. 

Lots of people would probably still view these aspects of me as negatives. Saying I’m too emotional/soppy/pathetic, but the other thing I’ve realised lately that when it comes to friends, it really is quality, not quantity. You can have all the friends in the world but if they don’t accept you for exactly who you are, then it’s a bit pointless. 

I’m not perfect – far from it. I waste time and I’m lazy and painfully insecure and I have the same doubts and dramas time and time again, but the people who stick by you and love you despite your flaws and in spite of the things about you that drive them mad, those are the people you want sticking around. And the ones who do stick around aren’t always the ones you’d expect to. Things change, people change, people grow. And that’s not a bad thing.  

This post doesn’t really go anywhere, but I loved that first photo/quote/saying so much that I had to post it. I think this Grey’s quote sums up nicely what I’m trying to get at! 



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