Red cups and rants

This is a little bit of a rant, but it has a point to it. I think…

There’s been a lot going about this week that seems to have Christians in an uproar. First it was the Mulberry advert, and now it’s the Starbucks cups. Personally I don’t really get it. I mean, there are planes exploding in the sky and thousands of refugees with nowhere to go, but no, lets instead freak out about the fact Starbucks have plain red cups, instead of ‘christmassy’ ones. Seriously?!! 

The Mulberry advert, in case you haven’t seen it, just shows a woman opening her present to find a mulberry handbag, then people start turning up and asking to see the bag. A man with a donkey, men with Christmas-cracker crowns. Basically, they’re making it out to be like a nativity scene – with that handbag standing in for baby Jesus. 

Now the advert itself is clearly ridiculous. Even from a non religious standpoint, it’s clearly ridiculous to worship a handbag. I’m pretty sure it’s not supposed to be taken seriously, and yet I’ve seen a lot of posts in which Christians are furious about it. And fair enough, I’m not judging. I don’t love that it’s kind of taking the mic out of Christianity and is ridiculing the Christmas story with something trivial like a handbag. But I’m not sure it offends me, not really. Now maybe that’s my flaw and I’ve probably not read enough of the bible to understand quite how blasphemous it might be, but to me it just doesn’t seem that big a deal…it’s just an advert – they’re all pretty ridiculous. 

You never know, it could make people – even just a few –  realise how commercialised the season has become. And if anything, by imitating a nativity-like scene they’re reminding people, even subconsciously, that there was a nativity scene there in the first place – reminding them of the real reason for Christmas. If anything I’d almost see that as a good thing. 

I can understand why the mulberry thing is upsetting some Christians, and really don’t judge. But the Starbucks saga? Nope. It’s insane. It’s really so ridiculous that people are wasting time getting worked up over something so pointless…

Starbucks have opted for a plain red cup this year for the festive season with no design on it, and people have been going crazy over it. People are claiming that Starbucks have removed the ‘Christmas’ from their cups in order to be more politically correct, and to avoid offending people. Which if it were true, these people might almost have a teeny tiny bit of justification for moaning about it. But don’t the designs usually involve snowflakes and mistletoe and snowmen and the likes? I’m pretty sure none of that relates to Jesus or the Christmas story. Therefore, they weren’t very Christmassy in the first place, not properly. And besides….what does it matter?!!!! It’s a cup!! It’s going to end up in the bin. If the biggest worry in your life is the design on a paper cup, you’re either doing realllllllly well (debatable) or are just an idiot. 


We have no idea how long we’ve got in this life. “Life changes in an instant, turns on a dime” to quote Callie from Grey’s Anatomy. And we all know that. So why do we spend so much time freaking out over things that just don’t matter at all?! I’m not saying we should be constantly freaking out about the huge things instead, but we really should be making the most of every day, and every moment. It’s obviously not that easy, and we can’t survive without doing the mundane. But at the very least, if something is bugging the crap out of you, then do something about it. If it’s outwith your control, then let it go. It’s not always straightforward, but surely we could start by stopping obsessing over silly things? And instead appreciate and make the most of what we do have. Think how much more fun life could be if we really did all do that? 

“The secret of being happy is accepting where you are in life and making the most out of every day” 


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