Yes or No?

I was going to write an independence referendum related post, but I don’t even know where to start, and I’m not intellectual enough to put it in a way that won’t be instantly refuted. I’ve seen so many TV interviews and debates and newspaper articles and Facebook posts/debates/arguments, that really nothing I could say would add very much.
I will say this though:

On Thursday, I’m going to go into the polling station and vote No. This isn’t a vote against being Scottish, or against ‘Team Scotland’ as Mr Salmond and his crew have suggested – as trust me, I’m relatively patriotic and I love being Scottish!! But I’m also happy to be British.
I can understand the enticing prospect of being independent and running our own country and making our own decisions and being rich and whatever else, but there is no guarantee that independence would be of any benefit to the Scottish people at all. And actually After watching various debates with Salmond and Darling, I can understand why voters would be swayed to vote yes. Salmond (even though he irritates the crap out of me and talks a load of it too..) is quite convincing at times, making it sound great, and if things were guaranteed to turn out even remotely like he says, then I’d be all for it.
There are lots of reasons why I’m voting no – and it all comes down to unanswered, or even unacknowledged questions/topics.
– economy..can we really find ourselves?!
– currency?
– EU?
– Military?
– economic success based on’s going to run out!!!
– Nationality and citizenship – would English or American people for example need a green card or visa to live here? How would all that stuff work?
– job security for so many large organisations (the RBS one gets me the most…!!)
I also really struggle to understand the Yes campaign’s focus on being able to control our own health and particularly education systems – don’t we already do that? We already have completely different exam systems to England and Wales.

These are just a few issues I have, on areas that seem far too risky to take a leap of faith on. I get why people might be excited by the prospect of being an independent country, but frankly I can’t see what is soooo wrong with the state of the country at the minute. Salmond and Sturgeon keep going on about the fact that Scotland is one of the wealthiest nations in the world – so we can’t be doing things too badly right now can we?!!

If we want more control, fight for devolution, not independence. That way we’d still get to be a part of the United Kingdom and all the benefits that evidently brings, but have even more power over policies in Scotland. It seems a more sensible next step than jumping ship altogether!!!

Campaigning for more powers doesn’t seem like a bad idea, but giving up altogether seems far too extreme, given how many uncertainties and unknowns there are. (And I know, you won’t get anywhere in life without taking some risks, but there’s a limit isn’t there?!!!…)

The main point I think a lot of people seem to be overlooking is that this isn’t temporary. It’s not like a general election, where we could decide in 4 or 5 years time that actually, we don’t want to be on our own anymore, it’s not working how we’d hoped..let’s join up again.
If the Yes vote wins, that’s it. There’s no going back. If it doesn’t work, we’re stuffed.

Something I saw pointed out on fb the other day was that if it’s a No result, Yes campaigners will be disappointed. Heartbroken even, in severe cases. But their lives won’t change dramatically based on someone else’s decision. They’ll go back to how they were before (though hopefully with some promised improvement from Westminster). If a Yes Vote wins, the No voters’ lives will change beyond measure, despite it being the opposite of what they want. Jobs will be lost, prices will more than likely rise, and if nothing else, there’s going to be confusion and turmoil in the country for the next what, decade?

I’ve heard people say they’re voting yes just because it could be good, or might be worthwhile.
I’d urge anyone who’s really uncertain to vote no. At least with no we know what we’re getting. And we know it can work. The Yes campaign is based on speculation, unanswered questions and quite frankly a lot of lies. (And yeah, I’m well aware that the better together campaign will be lying sometimes too or ‘scaremongering’ a little too)

Salmond is getting excited and taking people along with him, and I’m genuinely worried what Thursday’s outcome will be. He seems to be so naive, and my fav quote from him today was that there seemed to be a ‘battalion of people battling against him (and the campaign) for some reason’ – he was referring to newspapers etc. not being supportive. But did it ever cross his mind that maybe we just think he’s wrong?!!

So yeah, vote no. It makes more sense, and won’t make us any less Scottish!!

So yeah – that sort of was an independence post in the end. It was intended to ramble in another direction, but ah well. Also, I have no intention of offending anyone’s views by this post – everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and I’d actually be interested to hear any Yes voters try and explain why it’s such a good idea!
I hope that whatever happens on Thursday, people respect each other, and that it doesn’t end up causing a very big divide within Scotland – be that an independent one or not!!


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