introvert times

“What are some common introvert traits?
express themselves better in writing than in conversation
-dislike small talk
– dislike talking on the phone
– prefer to socialise one on one or in small groups rather than in large crowds
– can need time to recharge after social activities
– enjoy alone time and solitary activities that require focus
– need time to think before speaking”

Came across this on Pinterest earlier – and it’s safe to say that judging by these traits, I am most certainly an introvert!! These traits lead to these introvert problems:

the moment you get ready to say something, then the subject changes

gets unexpected call – doesn’t pick up as not mentally prepared

when people assume that being quiet is all there is to your personality

people think you’re judgemental or depressed when you sit alone in a social setting

figuring out what you should have said or done long after the awkward, one sided conversation is over…

feeling like you don’t for in anywhere, but being too nervous to talk to new people because of how different you feel

Apparently being an introvert isn’t a bad thing. That it’s just a personality trait. That the world needs all kinds of people? Yet so many things in life are aimed at extroverted people. Job applications are always looking for outgoing people, or a ‘people-person’. To succeed in uni and often the workplace these days you need to work in groups and do presentations – not always fun for the introvert! (If it’s a well prepared presentation it’s okay, as we can rehearse what we’ll say – but spontaneous ones are the worst!!) We’re told that being happy is being bold and outgoing and sociable, and being quiet is seen as being wrong. (“You’re really quiet, are you okay?”!!!!!!!!!!!)

So apparently it’s accepted. Yet Introverts are constantly being told to change the way they are to fit in/succeed/be ‘normal’.

It’s hard for extroverts to understand why introverts need to recharge after a social event. Or why we actually like spending time alone. Or why we can be so damn hopeless at expressing ourselves in person/making small talk – things that come naturally to them.
And I guess introverts find it difficult to understand how extroverts can be so confident and outgoing and sociable all of the time.

But the world really does need all types of people. Some of the world’s most renowned artists, inventors and musicians were very introverted people (Van Gogh, Chopin and Einstein apparently!!).
So let us have our time to ourselves, and give us time to think before we speak. (We can even be pretty fun people!) And in return, we’ll try and socialise more often with less of a pained expression.

This isn’t a great post and is more of a rant, but who doesn’t love a rant every now and then. And frankly, I’m fed up trying to change the way I am!

“just because I’m not talking doesn’t mean I’m in a mood or judging or upset, sometimes I just like being quiet”



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