false reality

So my current tv series obsession is Grey’s Anatomy, and I absolutely love it. The stories are great, the characters are great (and in some cases, very pleasing to look at too!!!), and the relationships are great. It’s just great all round.
When I’m watching TV dramas like this though, or even reading novels, I always end up really involved in it. Like, I get too attached, and imagine myself in the characters’ lives. Generally, wishing to be like other people – wishing I looked like the characters or had relationships with people like they do, or even the drama – cos generally that brings them closer to the people around them. And I always find myself jealous of the way they get to spend pretty much every day of their lives with the people they love and care about. Like, if something bad happens, the people they need to fix it and help them through it are always right there.

But frankly, life’s not like that. Or in my (albeit somewhat limited) experience, it’s not. Your best friends and the people that mean most to you generally don’t all live in your street, or all work in the same place, or see each other every day. But sometimes I wish they did.
You know when something happens, good or bad, and you want to tell a certain person. You want to experience whatever the situation is with them, sharing in the laughter and tears (could I sound any cheesier?!!!!) as soon as it happens, but you can’t. You have to resort in a phone call or text or meeting them a week later, because you live too far away, or they’re busy living their own lives, which of course is totally fine.
So as much as I love these shows and to be honest, get quite addicted to them, I hate them as well. I hate the false reality they give you. Even if it’s not all happy endings, it’s still all fairytales and idealistic, and it’s just not real. (yeah, I do know that it’s just TV and it’s not meant to be real, but you know what I mean…) Because frankly, life can be a lot lonelier than these programmes make it seem!

I’m not really sure where I’m going with this post, but I’ll end it on a cute wee positive quote anyway that sort of links to the point I was trying to make in that ramble!!

Good friends are like stars: you don’t have to see them to know they are there.


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