We all have dreams of how our lives will turn out. What job we’ll end up doing, where we’ll live, who we’ll be with. Plans of how things will end up. These dreams change throughout the years, even from day to day, both through choice and through uncontrollable changes.

“But the thing is, it’s hard to let go of that fairy tale entirely, because almost everyone has that smallest bit of faith and hope that one day they would open their eyes and it would all come true. At the end of the day, faith is a funny thing. It turns up when you don’t really expect it. It’s like one day you realise that the fairy tale is slightly different than your dream. The castle, well it may not be a castle. And it’s not so important that it’s happily ever after — just that it’s happy right now. See, once in a while, once in a blue moon, people will surprise you. And once in awhile, people may even take your breath away.” Grey’s Anatomy

I like this. Because the fairy tale is so often different to our dream. But it’s God’s dream, and God’s plan. I struggle with the concept of God having a plan for our lives, and that everything could be predestined. But i’ve sort of conditioned my self to think, whether rightly or wrongly, that he’s got a few options for how we’ll get there, depending on which way we go when we get to the crossroads – but we’ll still get to the same place.
There are a couple of situations in my life right now that to be honest, I have no idea what to do about. I don’t know what the right thing to do is, either for me or others involved. And this cute wee quote has reminded me that actually, regardless of what happens, it’s okay if things don’t turn out quite the way you had expected. And frankly, God’s still got your back.

trust the heart of your father when the answer goes beyond what you can see


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