music school

“Do not be afraid, but pray and ask God for everything you need, always giving thanks.”

I can’t get to sleep, so I’ve ended up having another wee look through that bundle of music school-y stuff. I’ve just come across a copy of my testimony from my senior soldier enrolment which was, unbelievably, 3 years ago. I make mention to music school a lot in it, and how much it has helped me in my ‘journey’ so far. Which it has, undoubtedly. It’s a strange experience, music school. Don’t get me wrong, it’s strange in a good way. For that one week a year, you’re so cocooned into the music school bubble that you almost feel invincible. By the end of the week, spirits are so high, and faith is generally pretty strong.

One thing I’ve always found overwhelming about it is the way people talk, so openly, about their faith and relationships with God. This is something that always seemed alien to me, and I still find it difficult. I even mentioned in my testimony, how much I love the way so many young people share their experiences and stories about their faith. (I’m aware that may sound a bit eccentric to the ‘outsider’ or ‘non-believer’, but we’re honestly not crazy..)

I’ve had many a great conversation at music school, and last year was no exception to this. I finally admitted both to myself and others, how unhappy I was with the way my life was going, and was given the encouragement and support to actually do something about it. I talked, I cried (a lot, on the Thursday night!), I prayed, and thankfully, things changed. I’m very grateful for the people who God worked through and gave me encouragement and advice that week, and some of them will probably never know just how grateful I am.

The only thing is, after that week ends, reality tends to hit you pretty hard. or it does for me anyway. And, more often than not, spirits die down pretty quickly. Promises you make during the week tend to be broken mere weeks later, and that’s that until you go back the next year. Thankfully friendships seem to last a bit longer than that mind you, and all of my best and closest friends are one’s I’ve met at music school. Here’s to making and strengthening more this year!!

I’m suddenly really excited for this year’s music, or rather ‘summer’ school, given that it’s less than three weeks away. Regardless of what else happens during the week, spending a week with your best friends all in one place, without any interruptions from the outside world is pretty awesome. (even if two of my fav’s aren’t going this year!! 😦 ) And hopefully the hype and excitement of it all can last a bit longer than just that one week this year!!

No doubt there will be a follow up post (or ten!) after it, but until then, I’ll leave the chorus of the song I’ve had on repeat for the past half hour. (and which I’m certain I’ve quoted before…)

“I’m in His hands, I’m in His hands. Whatever the future holds, I’m in His hands. The days I cannot see have all been planned for me; his way is best. You see, I’m in His hands!”


One thought on “music school

  1. Hi Roslyn,

    I hope it’s ok that I found your blog…

    What you’ve written here is a mature insight into the complexities of our faith.

    I know in hindsight that the highs of music school and other similar events are not necessarily about the content of our faith, but more about being with good people and celebrating good music.

    Faith is lived-out in the everyday – amongst our neighbours, workmates, peers – and especially in times of stress, struggle and anxiety.

    I have learned in recent years that faith is not individual. At music camp we strive for an experience, or a feeling, that confirms that we know God or that God knows us. Often it is those that are extroverted who are able to express these feelings best. But my reality, and the reality of mature faith, is that it is not individual, it is not about us. It is rather about who we are becoming and how this shapes our involvement in the world around us.

    Often those that are quiet, thoughtful and contemplative are the ones with the wisdom to understand God’s work in us and around us – and often they don’t need to make a big deal about it!

    I have a saying, ‘we are not human beings trying to become spiritual, we are spiritual beings trying to become human.’

    Music school can often be about proving our how spiritual we are. But actually, we should know that we are all made in the image of God (yes, even the muslims, hindus etc…) and it is how authentically human we can be that will reveal our knowledge of God to others.

    I hope you had a good week and I look forward to catching up one day!!


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