For some reason (unknown to me..) i’m a bit down tonight. Maybe i’m just feeling sorry for myself (loaded with the cold and don’t have the patience for it….) or something, but I just don’t have much energy  or motivation, and to be perfectly honest, feel pretty lonely. (I know, first world problems indeed!!) So i decided to look through my old Bebo account. (remember when we all used that before we got addicted to Facebook?!) Which turned out to be quite amusing. The profiles and pictures both myself and some of my friends had were brilliant..not necessarily in a way we’d be proud of now though haha! I found a lot of those Q&A things we used to do in the blog bit of our profiles, and thought i’d fill one out with up to date info, just for the fun of it. 



1. a cuddler? To some people, yeah
2. a morning person? Definitely not!!!!!
3. a perfectionist? Sometimes
4. An only child?: Yeah
5. catholic?: Nope
6. in your nightwear?: Yeah
7. currently suffering from a broken heart?: No
8. good at styling other people’s hair? Not particularly
10. addicted to social networking? Maybe a bit?……
11. shy around the opposite gender? just shy in general to be honest!!


12. bite your nails? now and again
13. get paranoid at times? sometimes
14. currently regret something that you have said? yeah actually..
15. curse frequently when you get mad? no, not really
16. enjoy country music?: not particularly
17. enjoy jazz music?: sometimes
18. enjoy smoothies?: they’re okay
19. enjoy talking on the phone?: Not at all!!
20. have a lot to learn? yeah, indeed
21. have a pet?: nope
22. have a tendency to fall for the “wrong” person? hope not 
23. have all your grandparents? nope, got 2 left, missing the other 2 lots!
24. have at least one sibling?: nope, only child
25. have been told that you are smart?: yeah haha
26. have a broken bone? nope (touch wood!)
27. have Caller I.D. on your phone?: doesn’t everyone these days?


28. changed a nappy?: nope !
29. changed a lot over the past year? a bit
31. had surgery?: nope (touch wood again)
32. killed another person?: No


2. Saw you cry? Kerryn (on a funeral)
3. went to the movies with you?: Matt
4. you went to the mall with? Matt
5. you went to dinner with?: Matt, Emma and Michael
6. you talked on the phone? Mother
7. said ‘I love you’ to and really meant it? Matt
8. broke your heart?: no one, thankfully
9. made you laugh? my dad


1. pierce your nose or tongue?: none, but nose if i had to choose
2. be serious or be funny?: somewhere in the middle
3. drink whole or skim milk?: none, don’t like milk!!
4. die in a fire or drown?: neither!
5. spend time with your parents or enemies?: parents


1. Simple or complicated?: can i answer that? better asking people that know me!
2. Gay? Nope
3. In love? Yeah


1. flowers or chocolates: chocolates
2. gray or black?: black
3. color or black and white photos?: colour 
4. lust or love?: love 
5. sunrise or sunset?: sunset
6. m&ms or skittles?: skittles
7. Staying up late or wakin up early?: up late, I don’t do mornings


1. do you like anyone? yeah
2. do they know it?: yeah


1. Sun or moon?: Sun
2. winter or fall?: Winter
3. left or right? right
4. 10 acquaintances or having two best friends? best friends
5. sun or rain?: sun
6. vanilla ice cream or chocolate ice cream?: vanilla 


1. nervous habits: picking side of thumb, checking my phone
2. are you double jointed?: nope
3. can you roll your tongue?: nope 
4. can you raise one eyebrow?: nope
5. can you cross your eyes?: sort of 
6. do you make your bed daily? usually 
7. which shoe goes on first? whichever i pick up first
9. ever thrown one at someone? probably
10. on the average, how much money do you carry with you ?: not much, spend it too quickly!
11. what jewellery do you wear:? rings, watch and usually a necklace


1. what time is it?: 23:29
2. name?: Roslyn
3. nickname(s): ros, rose, rossy
4. where were you born?: Bellshill
5. what is your birthdate?: 10th september
6. what do you want? to be loved, and happy
7. where do you want to live?: somewhere sunny. failing that, Scotland. 
8. how many kids do you want?: 2 or 3 maybe?
9. do you want to get married? yeah
10. what have you always wanted? a sister


It’s surprising which of my answers changed and which didn’t from when i’d filled this in the first time round, about 4 years ago. I wont share which, i’ll let you decide which they are. 


don’t worry, be happy!!


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