i’ll be there for you

you’ve got a friend in me

Does it ever just randomly hit you how lucky you are? I was scrolling through Facebook photos of myself and friends from over the past few years, and I realised just that. Just looking at all the amazing memories with the friends i’ve made over the past what, 5 year? makes me seriously happy. We’ve all been through a heap of different stuff, good and bad, but that’s one of the best parts… they’re all amazing in one way or another, and their strengths suit different situations. Which means whether you’re deliriously happy and looking for a laugh and some good fun, or if you’re upset and need a good hug and some advice or cheering up, then there’s always someone there. What i’m about to say could possibly be the cheesiest comment to have been written in my blog to date, but it seriously is like one big family.
It makes me seriously happy, and very proud to call them my best friends.



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