I’m really in the mood to write something, but for some reason I can’t seem to get my thoughts to form into anything readable. This isn’t a new thing, but for once, my head is full of a million positive things that i want to write down and share, instead of teenage tales of woe. I know there’s a lot of cheesy, sentimental stuff in my blog, and there’s every chance that there are people judging me for writing such emotional, idealistic posts, thinking it’s all just talk, but quite frankly I don’t care. That’s just who I am. I used to be so good at being negative about pretty much everything and i’m trying damn hard to change that. I might not always succeed at it, but I’m trying. And to be quite honest, what’s wrong with a bit of cheesy sentiment now and then? It’s certainly better than pure negativity, no?

Now that outburst is over, I’m still no closer to putting these thoughts into any readable form. So random outbursts is going to be the way this post continues I’m afraid.
Do you ever get a day when the tiniest, most random thing can totally make your day special? That happened to me today, and it was the result of a conversation with a thirteen year old girl. (one i’m friends with, not just some random kid ha!) We’d been chatting on Facebook and I’d been absentmindedly giving her advice on a couple of things, not really thinking much of it. After chatting for a while, she thanked me, saying I always know how to make her smile and think of the positives instead of the negatives. She then added that that’s what makes me so special, and like her big sister.
Now, being the softhearted, sappy kind of person (who’s always dreamt of having a sister…) that I am, this really touched me. I was kind of flattered and a wee bit teary (like I said, I’m a big softie really!), but also slightly proud of myself if I’m honest. That might sound weird, but I was proud that I’d managed to make a good impact on her and her day, and ultimately cheer her up. She’s an awesome girl, but we all need inspiration sometimes, and I’m touched to think I was hers for today. It’s the little things in life that make the difference, and I think that was one of those things.

I think that’s all for now. I’ve got some more thoughts stirring, but I’ll wait til they’re in a more logical form before I attempt to write them down. I have a feeling I could be coming up to a turning point at some point in the next few months, (or have I already began to turn that corner? we’ll see…) but a combination of these two song lyrics can sum that up for now…

“I’d rather make sandcastles instead of these wide world decisions”Kate Voegele – Sandcastles

“I’m just finding my feet…heading out on my own”Gabrielle Aplin – Out on my own


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