seize the day

“life’s a journey, enjoy the ride”

After my recent discovery and fixation with the tv show ‘One Tree Hill’, I looked up a couple of the actresses and discovered that one of them -Bethany Joy Lenz – has a blog, and another – Sophia Bush – used Instagram and twitter a lot. I’ve been reading their various posts and updates, and from an outsider’s perspective, their lives seem pretty perfect. They’re both beautiful, talented, successful, clever, inspirational even, and on top of that they do charity work, and just generally seem to have it all.
It would be, and is, so easy to be jealous of their lives. Not for monetary reasons, but because they’ve had success doing something they adore. They have the opportunities to visit people in less fortunate countries and really make a difference to people’s lives. And when you compare that to the life of a ‘regular’ British shop worker for example, it seems so idealistic. And perhaps it is. It seems as though they’re living their dreams. Yet in reality, achieving even one of our own personal dreams isn’t all that easy.

There are certain things I want to do at some stage in my life.
For example, I want to:
visit every continent
visit every state in the USA
get married
have a child
be really talented at something (I don’t mind what, just something)
make a difference to someone’s life(I.e give blood/organ/charity work in different country/UK)
write a book
learn play the piano

now clearly, some of these are pipe dreams and are extremely naive, and will most probably never happen. But that doesn’t mean that some of them can’t. basically what I’m trying to say is (and i’m talking to myself here as much as anyone else), grab every opportunity you get. live your life to the full, and don’t waste it wishing you were someone else, or had someone else’s life. because chances are, if you live your own life and go after even one of those dreams, then you’ll leave a much bigger impact on this planet than if you sit about moping and being jealous of other people’s success.

As cheesy as it sounds, the world really is your oyster. So do something you love everyday. Remember to smile, and enjoy yourself. Take charge of your life and make it everything you want it to be.


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