words words words

“you can make anything by writing” C.S Lewis

Writing is a weird and wonderful thing. I was never all that good at English in school, and yet I could write pages and pages worth of essays in History. And it’s the same now. I can very easily write sentence upon sentence in my blog or in a text or email, yet trying to write my personal statement, I’m at a complete loss for words. Everything I try to write either sounds too fake, or just pathetic and too rehearsed. I’m not getting very far, which isn’t good when you’ve got a deadline.
There’s something else I love about having the ability to write things down, and this quote I found in a book I recently read sums it up perfectly:

“On paper I was much better because I had time to think about things, to edit and perfect my thoughts, but that approach doesn’t work in real-time conversations.”

This quote explains exactly how I feel on a daily basis. Being shy and quite quiet natured, I have this issue all the time. I’d like to think I’m quite caring and I love listening to people’s problems and offering advice (which makes me think a career in psychology/counselling/social care etc. could be a plan?), but I am so much better doing it by text/messaging/email than face to face. I don’t know why, but I just choke up and struggle to say the right thing when I’m with them in person. Which is annoying, as I’d love to be better at being there for and comforting people in person, but I guess i can work on it! But by writing it down, my thoughts and advice seem to make more sense. It’s the same when i’m trying to explain how i feel. Give me a pencil and a bit of paper and I can explain in a second. Ask me to my face and you’ll probably never understand what i am trying to say.
I would love to have Bernard’s Watch (remember that programme?!) to stop time just for a few minutes so I could come up with these well thought out answers in person. That would be a seriously awesome Christmas present, if it were a real thing!

“you can make anything by writing” C.S Lewis


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