onwards and upwards

good things come to those who wait

there is something extremely soul destroying about getting constant rejections from job applications. Surely i must be doing something wrong. Next, Boots, Zizzi’s, House of Frasers, HSBC, and atleast 10 others all in the last few weeks. I wish they gave you some sort of feedback. something telling you why they don’t want you. As clearly 18 months experience in one of the busiest shops in Glasgow just isn’t enough…

good things come to those who wait


2 thoughts on “onwards and upwards

  1. Hey, have had a wee read of your blog, just want to say you write very well, not that I’m well known writers critic lol. Iv been working in the same place for over 7 years and have only managed to up my contract to 16 hours. I have been applying for jobs since I got engaged and had about 3 interviews. It totally sucks, the only ones who actually let me know that I have been unsuccessful by any means have been the police. Anyway, I know the right thing is out there for me and I’m certain that you will find that job too. Like you’ve said good things come to those who wait:) chin up:)

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